We offer to our Customer a highly qualified consultant service on all thermofluid dynamics applications by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations.

We can give support in the preliminary steps of process and/or product development: this allows to take into account thermofluid dynamics aspects during the entire design and development pathway.
All the different design tools that we use are able to interact one with the other by means of dedicated procedures or interfaces in order to offer to our customers a tailor made service.
Thanks to CFD simulations it is possible to test different designs even before prototyping or production with a consequent:

  • Design optimization
  • Time-to-market and cost reduction

R&D CFD computational power allows us to offer to our customers reliable and detailed results that usually could not be get in an industrial context.
Thanks to our experience in CFD and to the amount of different analysed cases, we work in close contact with some of the softwarehouse which develops the most commonly used CFD codes acting as debuggers for current applications and as developers and testers for future applications.